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My name is Malte and



As you might know: my name is Malte, or you know my nickname "DieKautz". This is my personal website where I display my work and tell you about myself.
Whenever I can, I am trying to expand my skillset and spend time programming in general, with or without a target.

If you want, you can contact me through various channels in my contact section further down the page. I will try to reply to that message as soon as possible.


Java Development

The language most of my applications are written in and I'm most confident with. Started learning roughly 4 years ago to materialize my hobby projects.

Kotlin Development

Kotlin ist a not as old programming language running in the JVM and therefore able to run most of the common operating systems.
Also it was selected by Google to be the main programming language for android development.

I'm still learning the languge and building new projects with it to improve and getting comfortably.

Nice Guy

One young student who is just waiting for new opportunities to learn new things and enlarge his skillset.


If you like to contact me through email, you can click the button with the envelope below. Or use one of the other channels listed blow. Click the buttons below to get to my profile on these sites.